Here is a picture I would have loved to do, but this time, Marion bit me the courtesy! This picture is really beautiful. When we started our visit of Bungamati, Marion had my 5DMKII + 24-105 and me, the 7D + 85 1.2. We met some women being winnowing rice and Marion asked me directly the 85mm. I have not had my say and we exchanged cameras :) After obtaining their agreement with a nod, I took the second photo below, and Marion this beautiful image of the same scene, after a few seconds. For my part, I chose to make an overview (of course, she had my 85 ^^) and reduced the speed to capture the movement of the falling grains of rice. Marion kept my initial settings and selected the AF point. The most beautiful in this picture, beside it's composition quite effective, is that we get the chance that both the woman face and the fall of grains were perfectly aligned on the focus plan. At ƒ/1.2, even centimeters of shift would have produced a different result!
The beautiful picture, I've only worked on post-processing
My picture of the same moment, with the 24-105 (@55mm)