Of Snow and Sand

Stroll towards Akranes. Sixteen photos in total, the first three with the Before|After comparison to give an overview of applied processing to each type of photo. One the first (before adjustment such as 5 and 6), you'll notice the typical red shift of —neutral— filters (or supposed to be…). This detour was very nice, with […]

Under ice diving at Tignes

Diving under the ice of the lake of Tignes. This monitor give me a nice “say hi to the camera” before his dive under the 60 cm thick layer of ice with his “visitor” (in fact, it's 3 layers of 20 cm, two of ice, the middle one made of snow) About the adjustment, I gave more […]

The Sassière Valley

That morning, I was fighting step by step to tear myself away from the snow with my 18kg backpack, then, pausing a moment to rest, this panorama offered itself to me. It was startling. Below, two adjustments, the fist is conform to my “habits of realistic post-adjustment”, the second that I enjoyed to make and […]

As you can notice if you do the comparison (see on my blog), the non-adjusted version is clearly over-exposed. In fact, — as I explain it on quite many of my pictures — it's a photography technic where you help your camera to grab as much details as possible, specially on shadows, because camera sensor are way […]

Waiting for my first pictures of Australia to be ready for post, here's the windy top of La Grande Motte, 3.656 m high (3.456 m for the end of the skiable area). About adjustments, I've increased the exposure a little and modify the white balance to enhance the blue tones.

Second and last day for Axalp (public opened). Those two F/A-18C Hornet are opening the show with a fast and low level pass launching decoy flares. Action ends in a fraction and the first day, surprised by them, I've not been able to take one shot with an aircraft on the frame, only “traces” ^^ […]

This is another view of the rock arch (). I used the same shooting technic as before: I intentionally overexpose my original shot. In fact, it's a photography technic where you help your camera to grab as much details as possible, because camera sensor are way mor efficient on highlight. It's also called to “expose […]

This is the windy top of La Grande Motte, 3.656 m high (3.456 m for the end of the skiable area). I've been there quite a while, fighting against high speed and icy winds with lashing snow particles. But guess what? What a visual pleasure! About adjustments here, just a slight enhancement of blue (was dull) and […]

Back to my aeronautical shots, it has been a while… (but wait wait!, Bourget Airshow is coming ^^). Here's a little boy, one of the 30 and more the Swiss like to own. Well, funny enough, this aircraft is just an amazing flying machine I can guaranty this to you. Specially when it comes to […]