Stroll towards Akranes. Sixteen photos in total, the first three with the Before|After comparison to give an overview of applied processing to each type of photo. One the first (before adjustment such as 5 and 6), you'll notice the typical red shift of —neutral— filters (or supposed to be…). This detour was very nice, with […]

During an airshow, we often think it's best to have the longest focal length possible. The mind thinks “airplane”, and if possible, framed as large as possible on the picture. Often, it is not worse. Indeed, in presence of the ugliest weather for an enthusiast, namely blue sky and sunshine, you'd better frame tight, at […]

This F/A-18 was almost breaking the sound barrier, we can easily see the vapor cone in formation. Note the specific deformation, looking like an heat wave, drawing around the cone. Weather and light conditions was not really interesting on this shot, it was even difficult to post-process. Without such a cone, this picture destination would […]