It happens some times, but I don't have posted such a kind of adjustment for some time now, so here it is. I chosen for this one a process to warmer and enhance the dramatic feeling way much than the original picture. Well, we have to admit this Bourget 2011 edition was not the best […]

This picture is not so sharp, but I decided to save it from the trash because of the aesthetic of reflections. About adjustments, it's simple, I sightly reinforce blacks and enhanced the afterburner effect; I've also removed a bird in front of the aircraft, not enough visible and interesting to be kept.

This picture is probably my favorite from all my Bourget Airshow 2011 shots. With such a size and some low level pass, it just takes the light in an amazing way. This photo haven't been cropped and I've chosen deliberately to shot heavily zoomed (400mm — equiv. 640mm on the 7D). In fact, things was […]