Photos deserved…

In April 2012 (no need to point out that it took me a year before posting ^^), I took a full marmots "photo hunt" day. Besides the walk approach — somewhat "vivifying" with 14 kg of gear — I spent literally 7 hours lying in the snow for this result: two marmots photo, no more! It must be said, considering the season, marmots were barely ending hibernation and were more than suspicious. Nice and funny memories anyway, because they made me laugh (well I admit, not really at the moment ^^). For the photo of the hole in the snow (see below in the gallery), I spent more than 2 hours lying at ≈ 20 m distance, 100-400L + 2x mounted on the monopod, itself planted almost all its height in the snow just to keep out to the ball. I was almost constantly glued to the viewfinder, with the finger on the trigger, but every time — and I mean every time — I released my attention to change my position, look around, etc., this Jenny came the head out of the hole! I saw her quietly watching me, before going back immediately when I placed my hand on the trigger, as if she knew! When leaving this spot, the plug of my monopod foot remained at the bottom in 1.20 m of snow.
Incidentally, I make a call, if someone has a picture of a guy, legs in the air, deep in a snow hole, it's me and I'm interested!

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