CGTalk Website capture of Little Metal Car project
When I received my CGTalk Award, Paul Hellard, redactor for CGSociety, contacted me proposing to make a Reader Project, for their website (it's a kind of Making Of about my creation). I then started preparing some stuffs. Here's an extract of his e-mail:

[…] It's great to see you being honoured in the CGSociety CGChoice award for your piece 'Little Metal Car'. I was wondering if you would be interested in generating a CGSociety Reader Project presentation. Its a great way to generate interest in your work. If you are interested, I thought you would like some guidance in the gathering together of info for the Project. […] Authors also receive a complimentary standard-edition book from Ballistic Publishing. When it is published I will contact you again and get you to select a book. Kind regards Paul Hellard, Editor, CGSociety