Well, after several days of work on my new function Rewind|Forward, I post these two small simple pictures that I was able to post-process very fast. I spent too much time on the back-end of the blog lately, so I wanted to be quick, I hope you will forgive me;-)

One of the photos taken for my friend Christoph Vogelbusch. Natural lighting for the main part, plus a flash triggering (@ -1 EV). Ok, I admit it, with such a , you're not standing close to the subject, but… what a pleasure! About adjustments, I stuck with something natural, first because of the needs, also […]

I just figured out I didn't post any macro for quite some time; so I decided to go out this past tuesday and make some. Adjustments are relatively basics here, I tried to enhance colors from an initial much more dull picture, to get a result closer to “what I've seen”.

That's it, I'm now back home after five weeks in Australia and more than 2000 shoots. As those ones are 80% already sortes, I would better tell you I should have enough pictures to post for a while! I hope I'll be able to post the first pictures next weeks, my schedule is quite filled! […]

Is it the right name? Hypomecis roboraria - Great Oak Beauty Any help for identification will be much appreciated. Just a little back to the macro (after the Axalp) to share with you this “picture of the week-end”