Only few photographies do not require editing, as subtle as it may be. Even today, any device interposed between our vision and the reality will interfere the photo, modify it with defects, limitations and/or biases of its lens, film or electronic, the user… Since I do photography, I have noticed a nauseous trend: editing photos is often hidden, it's a kind of exclusive preserve, “mostly I'm not going to share, teach others anything… you never know.” It is a dreadful side of the profession, also valid in other creative activities. But let them protect themselves from dangerous people we represent, because fortunately, things tend to change slowly. Not that these “people” are changing, but rather that more minds, more open, are coming. Also, to guide and share with the most interested about photography and the post-processing it implies, I developed my own Before|After processing comparison feature. It is available for almost a year, almost on every pictures I post on the blog. Previously subject to registration, the feature is now totally free to access, just simply move around the mouse cursor over my photo! If the raw image, without adjustments, is available, the comparison will be activated automatically. I hope to educate more people about this process inherent to photography. Also new (a quite big news), is the introduction of the same comparison on large images, meaning 1200 px! I would like to encourage the exchange between us, have the pleasure to read your comments and opinions on the images, their processing, answer your questions, etc. This article is closely related to “Photo adjustments • Lets brake the ice”, I invite you to read it if you have not already done so.

For everyone

  • Simple and funny tool
  • + comparison at 1200 px
  • Available for all of you
  • Free